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What does the future hold for the Steam Machine?


This is a time in the gaming universe where life is good and there are plenty of options for someone to choose on the type of games they want to play.

We just had the launch of two new consoles last month with the PS4 and Xbox One. The sales for both of them have gone well and that’s expected to continue going into the new year.

There will also be another system joining the bunch with Valve starting a beta program for the Steam Machine.

The Steam Machine will be available sometime in 2014 and more information will be revealed about it at CES on January 6.

A good question to ask is what’s the future for the new device from Valve?

For one thing, the system will have an interface called SteamOS, this will be made available when the hardware ships and can be downloaded by users. It’s something new they’re trying and in the end this could be great.

Another thing with the Steam Machine is that there will be a huge selection of games to choose from. After it launches more games are expected to be added and this is a huge positive. When most new consoles launch, the games are usually hit or miss.

The other thing to consider is that this will be coming from a company in Valve that’s had a good history of making things we enjoy.

You can sound below on your thoughts about the Steam Machine and what it means for the future of gaming?









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