Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel is not good at basketball, misses easy layup (GIF)

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Dec 14, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Texas A

Tuesday night in the Chick Fil A Bowl may be the last time that we are treated to the absolute wonderment that is Texas A&M Aggies QB, Johnny Manziel.

After the game against the Duke Blue Devils of the ACC, it’s widely expected that Manziel will head off to the NFL to start collecting himself some massive paychecks.

Throughout his career, on and off the field, Manziel has left us amazed and breathless. The things that he can do when the spotlight is shone directly on him is nothing short of amazing.

We’ve seen him take down a top-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide team. We’ve seen him obliterate the Oklahoma Sooners in the Cotton Bowl. We’ve seen him take Alabama to the absolute limit, nearly replicating the first occurrence on this list.

There’s really nothing that Manziel seemingly can’t do.

Well, okay, it seems that he can’t play basketball all that well.

As part of the events leading up to the big game on New Year’s Eve, the players took part in a little basketball contest. What we learned from that tonight is that, as athletic as Manziel is, he doesn’t have a Deion Sanders-type career as a two-sport athlete.

Long as that second sport is basketball anyway, as Manziel misses this easy, uncontested layup:

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