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MLB Free Agency: Yuniesky Betancourt drawing interest from multiple teams

Every now and then the knowledge that a Major League front office claims to have that a normal fan does not leads to some confusing decisions. Look no further than the fact that Yuniesky Betancourt, widely regarded as a baseball player with little to offer, continues to find teams who want him.

The report tonight comes courtesy of Zach Links of MLB Trade Rumors:

For evidence on why this is baffling, you need look no further than the trustworthy internet. In January of this year, Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs wrote an article entitled, “Yuniesky Betancourt and the Worst Trend in Baseball.” Tonight Craig Calcaterra of HardBall Talk entitled his article: “Multiple teams are interested in Yuniesky Betancourt for some reason.”

It mostly comes down to the fact that teams apparently see value in some combination of his veteran-ness and a steadiness to his play. Problem is, neither of those things really ring true. In 2012 he batted .228/.256/.400. In 2013 he batted .212/.240/.355. Somehow the Brewers still gave him over 400 at-bats. And if you’re thinking his defense somehow redeems him, well, it doesn’t: he was good for a -2.7 UZR at first base and a -1.7 UZR at third base.

Teams must be hard up for light-hitting corner infielders.

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