Kyrie Irving to have MRI on knee to check for ACL or ligament tear

The Cleveland Cavaliers have seen a resurgence in popularity and in the quality of their team thanks to star point guard Kyrie Irving, but it seems that a sick rite of passage from the NBA Gods is to have a young point guard tear up his knee before being allowed to continue his career.

Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook recently suffered ACL injuries despite being superstars and now Kyrie Irving may be facing the same situation. Irving hit the floor hard late in the Cavaliers loss to the Indiana Pacers and as a result, will have an MRI to double check for ACL and other knee ligament damage.

Now, Irving returned to the game, but as ProBasketballTalk points out, so did Brooks Lopez when he fractured his foot and now his season is over.

Obviously that’s the worst case scenario, but it’s sadly something we must consider until an MRI clears Irving of all damage. There’s likely something wrong with his knee, but that could range from some swelling to ligament damage, something we won’t know until the MRI takes place on Wednesday.

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