New Year 2014: London ushers in 2014 with epic fireworks display (GIF)


It’s a new year all around the world and countries are celebrating as the calendar turns in their time zone. For Americans, the ball doesn’t drop on 2014 until midnight eastern time, but for other countries and cities like London, England, the new year is already here and 2014 is well under way. The Britons welcomed in the new year with an epic fireworks display that sets the bar pretty high for all others to follow.


Obviously, the festivities in New York aren’t going to be as visually lavish as in London, but the atmosphere is likely the same even if the fireworks are staying on the other side of the pond.

New Year’s really unites the world in celebration of something as simple as a calendar changing, but for some reason it brings out the inner Ewok in all of us and we just can’t help but celebrate the night away.

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