Bates Motel season 2 premiere date revealed


Fans of the surprise hit series Bates Motel are patiently awaiting the second season of the A&E show, but the wait will soon be over. Fans only knew that a new season was going to come at some point in 2014 but A&E has reveled a more exact premier date for the show, which fans are frantically circling on their calendars.

Bates Motel will be returning in March 2014, which means fans only have to wait around three months to get back into the prequel series action. With the release date right around the corner, more promotional material is expected to be released over the next few months.

The first season of the show took fans and critics by surprise with it’s gripping writing and suspenseful atmospheric attitude. The show took a while to really latch on with an audience but it has since found a place in the A&E lineup and the second season that is in store looks to only secure an even greater place in the competitive landscape of television this year.

Not much else is known about the premiere of the show or what the season will be about, but the main cast is returning and that means more mayhem and chaos each and every week from Bates Motel.

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