Brooklyn Nets selling nickname jerseys (Photo)

Dec 25, 2013; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Brooklyn Nets cheerleaders perform during the fourth quarter against the Chicago Bulls at Barclays Center. Chicago Bulls won 95-78. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Currently owners of a 10-21 record, you’d need to be a pretty loyal fan to rock a Brooklyn Nets jersey in public.

You might need to have brass balls to rock a Brooklyn Nets ‘nickname’ jersey, which the team put on sale via their website today.

As you’ll recall, the NBA decided they’d allow the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets to wear uniforms which feature a players nickname assuming they have one, or an additional moniker like the Heat’s Ray Allen who will use his movie character name, ‘Jesus Shuttleworth’ from the popular film He Got Game.

The special nickname uniforms will be worn on March 12 and April 8 and made a lot more sense (well, assuming they made sense in the first place) when the Nets were expected to be, you know – good.

Not all players have made the nickname they plan to use public, but there are some obvious calls like Paul Pierce‘s ‘The Truth’ and Deron Williams‘ ‘D-Will’. Shane Battier of the Miami Heat will wear ‘Battle’ instead of his traditional nickname, ‘Batman’ as an ode to his father.


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