Chris Lytle wants a fight... With Roy Jones Jr.


First Anderson Silva begs Roy Jones Jr. to fight him, then he gets knocked out by Weidman. RJJ shows up at UFC 168, Anderson gets his leg destroyed. Then Roy calls out Nick Diaz, who stays completely mum and retired. Now, another retired fighter states that he’s itching to get back into fighting for glory and cash, and it’s Chris Lytle, a year or so removed from a failed Indiana Senatorial bid. It’s interesting, but it’s also possible that RJJ is cursed.


What do you think? Should this fight even happen?

Roy Jones Jr. has taken three fights in the last three years at cruiserweight and has won them all. The former champion is 57-8 and would likely destroy anyone he faced coming out of MMA, even at 44-years-old.

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