ESPN picture of Glendale, Arizona during Tostitos Fiesta Bowl is actually a picture of Utah (Photo)



In tonight’s Tositos Fiesta Bowl, the American Athletic Conference champion UCF Golden Knights are taking on the Big 12 champion Baylor Bears in what should be one of the surprise games of the college football bowl season.

The game is being broadcast on ESPN, as all of the BCS games have been for the past few seasons. If you know me by now, you know that I am in that group that generally isn’t a fan of much ESPN broadcasting. Therefore, it’s always a good time to point out when they do something that does not really validate their claim as the “Worldwide Leader.”

In this particular instance from tonight’s game, we’re going to showcase how they’re most definitely not the worldwide leader in American geography.

During tonight’s broadcast, ESPN showed this graphic, highlight the Glendale, Arizona area, where tonight’s game is being played.

Lovely view, isn’t it?

Well, here’s the one problem with this. This shot isn’t from Glendale at all. It’s actually from the state of Utah, as twitter user @mjoven1975 points out:


Maybe a little less cutting employees you don’t have to, ESPN, and more schooling everyone on, you know, the United States.

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