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Kevin Smith says 'Helena Handbag' will be turned into a musical play, not a movie

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith dominated the 90s indie scene but since then he’s been a little under-the-radar when it comes to his post 90s career. But that hasn’t stopped Smith from branching out into other mediums and after conquering podcasting, Smith is going to be turning to musical theater for his next venture.

The Clerks director stated earlier this week that his next film would be a comedy called Helena Handbag but after writing just 20 pages of the script, he has decided that it’s easier to make the film into a musical play instead. Smith tweeted out the news late on Wednesday night.

Smith was rumored to be retiring from directing after he filmed Red State, but he was inspired to make his upcoming film Tusk and then found the drive to make Helena Handbag. The fat that he seems to be turning it into a musical is actually more interesting than a film, as Smith has conquered the world of cinema, the world of podcasting and is now eyeing an inadvertent take over of Broadway and musical theater.

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