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Louis C.K. to end 'Louie' within next eight years, season four to premiere in May 2014


The hit FX series Louie has won over both critics and fans alike and has shot the career of comedian Louis C.K. through the roof. There’s probably not a comedian around more well known or universally liked as much as Louis C.K. which is why fans of his television show have been worried about it’s future.

Louie last aired a new episode in 2012 which means that it completely skipped airing anything new in 2013. This has to do mainly with Louis C.K.’s touring schedule but it’s something we’re going to have to get used to used to in terms of the frequency in which it airs. But Louis C.K. confirmed to Jerry Seinfeld on the latter’s show that Louie will be coming back and that he foresees the show lasting around eight seasons.

This little break from the show may have upset some fans, but it’s actually a brilliant way to keep the show fresh. One of the reasons Seinfeld lost some muster towards the end was the fact the jokes were getting mailed in towards the end. The show was still brilliant but the quality was grinder away forcibly. By taking hiatuses, Louis C.K. can keep the material fresh and keep a demand for the show high.

That’s not to say a year long break will always be the case, but it’s good to know that the show isn’t going anywhere and is still a passion for the comedian. The new season of Louie is set to premiere in May 2014.

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