The Walking Dead Season 4 teaser trailer reveal fates of major characters (Video)

The Walking Dead

AMC will be bringing back their hit series The Walking Dead in Feburary and to start hyping the return of the show, the network has started to unveil promotion material for the midseason premiere. We already saw a poster debut on Thursday and a video promo followed as well which both show off the fate of a major character.

Carl and Rick managed to escape the prison but we didn’t know if they’d make it far alive. We still don’t know how long they’ll last but the promo and the poster both show off Carl in a central role. This not only confirms his fate as a two-time survivor, but seems to suggest he’ll have a much larger role in the second half of the season.

With Rick beaten up pretty badly both physically and emotionally after the midseason finale, Carl is almost going to be forced into the role of a leader and AMC is clearly pushing viewers to this assumption. As we near the February premiere date, we can expect more and more promotional material but the four trailers that are out now give us a major tease as to where our favorite characters will be at that time and who is likely to be killed first.

The Walking Dead premieres the second half of its fourth season on February 9, 2014.

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