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Bob Bradley Finds Coaching Home at Norwegian Club Stabæk


It’s time for our semi-weekly look at the continuing saga, known around these parts as the Bob Bradley Chronicles. Actually, that’s not true, we don’t have a name for it. I would consider giving Bradley’s quest to find a head coaching position, except that the story seems to have settled for the foreseeable future because it will be announced Friday morning that Bradley will become the coach at top-flight Norwegian club Stabæk.

This is the end to a several-month journey for the former U.S. national team coach. Bradley’s search began after being ousted from the head coach position with the Egyptian national team. Complications with political unrest complicated his tenure in the Land of the Pharaohs, but even so Bradley led them to only two losses during World Cup qualification. Unfortunately, those two loses came against Ghana in the final playoff before clinching the trip to Brazil. (Imagine the story line if Egypt would have won those games, it would be Bradley verses the U.S., geez.)

In December, rumors floated around the MLS airwaves that the Vancouver Whitecaps offered a large contract to Bradley. It became known that it wasn’t a rumor, and the Caps were in serious contention for a new coach with an international resume. The job offer was declined. Bradley stated that he wanted to coach in Europe before his career was done and that now seemed like a good time to test the waters.

It payed off, as Bradley now becomes the first American to coach a Norwegian team when he takes the reigns at with Stabæk. The team will begin preseason training next week, but Bradley has nearly two months to get his new players in shape as their starting date for league play is March 30th.

Bradley is one of the most successful U.S. coaches. His career stretches from multiple MLS teams to a World Cup squad and now to Europe. He is pushing the ceiling for American coaches around the world; opening up doors and breaking barriers.

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