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Denver Nuggets rescind Andre Miller's two-game suspension

The Denver Nuggets, in an apparent extension of goodwill, have rescinded Andre Miller’s two game suspension. Miller will still be out for two games as punishment, but the Nuggets took away the official suspension that he can still get paid his game checks.

Head coach Brian Shaw provided the following confusing explanation (quotes courtesy of the Denver Post):

“What we wanted to happen was for him to just basically be away from the team for a few days. So we rescinded the suspension but he’s still going to stay away from the team until early next week for personal matters. The crux of it is, the incident that took place, everybody understands that that can’t happen. And because of that he’ll get time to attend to some personal matters.”

Miller has never been shy about expressing his discontent with the situation in Denver. Last season he openly complained about his playing time and said he was interested in being traded somewhere else where he could start.

Always a favorite of George Karl’s, it’s not surprising that things have gotten rocky for Miller under a new coach. Immediately after the suspension, trade rumors emerged. This time around, Miller might actually get his wish and be traded out of Denver.

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