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Do playoff beards work?

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PGA Tour player Ben Crane is wondering when golfers will begin sporting beards in search of success during the FedEx Cup playoffs.


The question becomes, do playoffs beards actually work?

The Indianapolis Colts’ comeback win against the Kansas City Chiefs and the success of the Boston Red Sox make you wonder if the superstition works.  I think growing a beard helps give the player a feeling of self-confidence.  I suppose many pre-game rituals do the same, and growing a beard is a longterm ritual designed to take self-doubt out of big moments like the playoffs.

What do you think of playoff beards?  Do they work?  Should they all be shaven?

Another aspect of the playoff beard I enjoy is it shows the players want to win.  The more a player wants to win, the more entertaining the games will be.  Andrew Luck knew he wasn’t heading into the offseason without putting forth his best effort.  Luck demonstrated the necessary self-confidence and determination needed to win a playoff game.  Did the beard make Luck a better player? No, but it probably gave him a slight edge, and he did the rest.


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