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Soccer player goes head first into wall, hit in nuts by ball (GIF)

The English Premier League took a break this weekend to let teams compete in England’s FA Cup. Macclesfield Town was hosting Sheffield Wednesday in action.

There was an interesting seen when the ball was coming out of bounds. Macclesfield Town’s Danny Andrew was trying to let it go out of bounds and was boxing out Sheffield Wednesday’s Ardhe Nuhiu.

Andrews gives Nuhiu a little bit of a forearm shove and puts his hip into him. It causes Nuhiu to fall and slide head first into the advertisement wall just beyond the touch line.

As he laid there the ball looks like it rolls up and hits him in the nuts for good measure. It is hard to tell whether it actually catches him there, but he looks like he clamps his legs together immediately after it happened.

The game ended in a 1-1 draw. Macclesfield Town was losing to Sheffield Wednesday when this play occurred. They scored just a couple of moments later to tie the game.

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