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UFC Fight Night 34: A blue belt submits a black belt (GIF)

Today, at UFC Fight Night 34, many of the matchups were between men that were both making their UFC debuts. One such matchup was between Bantamweights, Russell Doane and Leandro Issa.

The fight was exciting from the opening bell. In round 1 Doane was showing off his takedown defense, as Issa desperately tried to get the fight to the mat. Ultimately, Doane jumped into Issa’s guard, and had to fight off a triangle choke that looked to be very tight. Doane survived the round, and in round 2 he began to pick Issa apart on the feet. At one point, Issa was staggered and Doane landed on top with some heavy ground and pound. After failing with an armbar attempt, Doane found himself in guard with Issa on top. Shockingly, Doane locked in a deep triangle and put Issa to sleep.

Here is a GIF of the submission:

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Issa, a former ONE FC veteran, is a black belt in BJJ who has won 7 of 11 victories by way of submission. Most believed that Issa would be able to submit the far less experienced Doane, but it was not the case. Doane’s submission granted him the $50k submission of the night bonus, and he was ecstatic at the post-fight press conference. After being asked what it felt like to submit a black belt, Doane admitted that he himself is only a blue belt in jiu-jitsu. He also added that he was going to buy a dog with his bonus money.

Obviously this is a tremendous feat for Doane, and he is someone to look out for in the Bantamweight division.


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