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Jason Whitlock weighs in on 'hip hop' coach reference from Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News ran an article that is drawing a lot of attention because it suggested Charlie Strong, the newly hired head coach of the Texas Longhorns is not a “hip hop” coach.  This has set off all kinds of discussion about language, code words,, and race.  If the goal was to generate discussion and get a lot of hits, they were extremely successful.

Jason Whitlock, never afraid to weigh in on discussions and is someone who often looks at issues through the lens of race came out with the following.

Strong’s name is being put into an awkward discussion he had nothing to do with and goes to a series of questions.  What is a hip hop coach?  Why is this even a term being used to describe a football coach?  One cannot imagine that a coach of any other race would come with this description, so the issue of race in this particular discussion is unavoidable.  It makes for a hell of a first day as the head coach of the Longhorns for Strong as he makes the move from Louisville to Austin.

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