Sep 21, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Homer Bailey (34) pitches against the Pittsburgh Pirates during the second inning at PNC Park. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

MLB trade rumors: Reds may look to move Homer Bailey

The Cincinnati Reds are nearing their payroll limit which has put a halt to their offseason – at least in regards to signing players out of free agency. That could change though if the team decides to trade starting pitcher, Homer Bailey.

Bailey will be entering his final year of arbitrational eligibility this coming season and is due to make $9 million bucks.

Moving forward with Bailey won’t come cheaply and according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, it’s possible the team may trade him to offload money:

One thing I could see happening is trading Homer Bailey. Bailey is in his final year of arbitration. He’s due to make about $9 million this year and he’ll be eligible for free agency in 2015.If the Reds are certain they aren’t going to be able to re-sign Bailey, it makes sense to move him.

One scenario brought up is moving Bailey to the New York Yankees (who are currently looking for pitching) in exchange for outfielder Brett Gardner to offshoot the loss of Shin-Soo Choo, though that’s simply speculation at this point.

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  • metalhead65

    sure he is going to leave when he becomes a free agent and who can blame him. but unless they get more than garderner then ride the season out with him. he will want to have his best year yet so why just dump him?if they can’t a deal that helps them now and long term with top prospects then the reds better hope that jocketty can do more than sign washed up ex-cardinals with the draft pick they will get for him. his beloved former team got a starter in wacha with a pick so it can be done if you know what you are doing.

    • Jeff blake Codora

      Right it agree instead of wasting time trying to get minimum value for him, keep him let Cingrani relieve one season and get Stephson up for some innings. Then next year if we can resign him great and if not, plug in Cingrani and get a solid LF

  • Dale Pearl

    Bailey is worth more than 2 or 3 Gardners so what else does the Yankees have to throw into this deal. A better trade would be one involving a Texas based team since that is where Bailey comes from and continues to live in the off season.

  • Jeff blake Codora

    Bailey is worth Far more than Gardener!! His 14-13 record doesn’t reflect the guys ability!! He is a rare talent who is starting to come into his prime!! (With already to No-No’s!! The guys fastball improves the deeper in the game he gets, and he has great control!! Homer, like Latos, lost a few games in which they went into the 8th and even 9th only allowing 2-3 runs, bc of the fact that we couldn’t move base runners! While I thought bringing back Bronson was important due to his ability to eat up so many innings and saving the bull pen, I think Jocketty should of attempted an extension with Homer. Atleast got a feel for what will happen. We have a solid pitching staff, both starters relievers and the best closer in baseball! Latos is so young and still learning, Cueto is a beast when he can stay healthy!! Both could be Cy young guys in future! Mike leake is 23-24 and could be considered a Vet with his time in the big league and innings! The organization had seen Bronson as expendable bc we have Congrani who I think could be thrown in the rotation as early as this year, then we have Stephenson and 2 other top pitching prospects, as well as a couple guys drafted in the last 2 drafts they say are on the fast track to the Big Leagues. So youth is on our side, but Homer is young at 27 and could pitch another 8-10 years maybe more, and I would say the next 6-8 years Homer will be a household name and a top MLB pitcher! So with all that, Gardner doesn’t match the value, Gardner would be a horrible trade. This is bc he wouldn’t match or come near to matching Choos numbers, and honestly I think Billy will do alright! He may only bat .270 his first year, but consider his base stealing ability, I GARANTEE you he will be in scoring position more times for the reds than Choo was!! He probably isn’t a real option at lead off, so we could see price start the year batting Frazier 2nd and trying Cozart again leading off, or giving Phillips a chance at lead off!

    • disqus_Wwvnqm6Q3T

      You lost credit after saying Billy would ONLY hit .270. If Billy could bat .270 he would be playing no doubt and this whole discussion would be moot. We are more likely to see him bat .220 with maybe a .265 OBP. Remember, in triple A he was batting .256. Joey Votto may break his own walk record with a guy that gets on base as little as that in front of him. The opposition facing the #3 hitter with 2 outs is what kills this Reds team.

      • Jeff blake Codora

        You might be right about .270 but I do believe it will be higher than .220 and I honestly think by the break he will get it going!! I think he is a better Left hand hitter too and he is new at it. I also think, well hope I should say, the Don Long as our hitting coach will make a difference

  • HurtTurtle

    “One scenario brought up is moving Bailey to the New York Yankees (who are currently looking for pitching) in exchange for outfielder Brett Gardner to offshoot the loss ofShin-Soo Choo, though that’s simply speculation at this point.”

    The word you’re searching for there is “offset,” not “offshoot.”