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Awesome cricket catch

Check out this amazing cricket catch via @MLBFanCave.

What makes this a great catch is cricket players don’t wear gloves.  It is a fairly routine play in Major League Baseball that wouldn’t warrant a “one of the best catches I have ever seen” call by the announcer.  However, this is cricket, and I will take the guy’s word for it.

I know cricket is similar to baseball, but from watching the clip, it is also very different.  I’ve held a cricket ball and it is harder than a baseball, making the concept of not wearing gloves rather dangerous.

The question I have for the audience is whether it is easier to transfer your skills from the cricket pitch to the baseball diamond or vice versa?  My guess is baseball involves a higher level of skill to play professionally.  I’m pretty sure hitting the ball backwards is a play in cricket.  Also, the cricket bat provides more surface area to hit the ball because it is flatter.  The round bats in baseball make hitting extremely difficult and foul ball rules turn a lot of potential hits or home runs into mere strikes.  Let me know your thoughts.


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