Chef bakes a mouth-watering Twitter cake from scratch (Video)

We’ve all been sitting around, craving something tasty wishing we could make something that can satisfy us. Normally, just grabbing a bag of Oreos or chips does the trick but for chef Ann Reardon, just grabbing a snack isn’t enough. Reardon has been making a name for herself with her themed cakes and she’s done it again with a Twitter themed cake that will make you want to jump inside your laptop and just devour this piece of art.

Reardon actually takes you through a step-by-step process to make a Twitter cake on your own, but that’s only if you can break the trance you’ll be in while she hypnotizes you by her awesome cake.

It’s truly a piece of art and you’d almost feel bad eating it. Like all things we see made before our eyes, it looks so easy but when we’re three hours into making something we realize it’s easier said than done. But at least this cake is fun to look at and it’s not the only one Reardon has done. She also has a equally as cool Facebook and Instagram cake to her credit as she slowly takes over the world with her social media cakes.

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