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Forbes Magazine: 30 under 30 list in sports

Forbes Magazine’s “30 under 30″ list for sports is a mix of top athletes, front office personnel, lawyers, and analysts.

LeBron James made the list at the age of 29.  I assume he has been on the list every year since he was 18.  Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels is only 22, and will be on the list for several more years.

Lindsey Vonn’s time is fading fast at 29.  She probably deserves a spot with the Winter Olympics around the corner.

Andy Murray’s win at Wimbledon in 2013 no doubt made him a lock.

It will be interesting to see where the analytics people such as Muthu Alagappan end up.  Alagappan was award first place at the MIT Sports Analytics Conference in 2012 for a basketball metric he developed.  Many teams are heavily invested in statistical analysis, and Alagappan is at the forefront of the statistical revolution in basketball.

Maish Simon is the cofounder of  His product allows fans to find better seats during a game.  I feel this is a good and bad service.  You get better seats, but you need to pay for them.  What happened to the old-fashioned way of upgrading?  I know teams will be pleased with the extra revenue, but I’m skeptical how many fans will burn extra holes in their pockets for a seat upgrade.  Beer or better seats, anyone?

Link to “30 under 30″ list.

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