NBA Power Rankings Week 10: Indiana on top again; Golden State is on a roll

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Happy Monday, everyone! While most of the United States is freezing away, we here at Fansided are still here to bring you the latest news and analysis. If you’ve been keeping up for the last 10 weeks, then you know Monday means NBA Power Rankings.

It seemed as if nobody was really separating themselves from the middle of the pack and get close to the contenders, but some teams have now emerged in the second tier. As we near the All-Star break and trade deadline, some teams will start their fire sales, and the tanking teams will make moves to assure their lottery spot.

Well, here we go:

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  • Sport Biomechanics

    The updated Algorithmic Rankings have OKC in 1st place with a momentum adjusted True Win % of 70.19 %, followed by Indiana (), San Antonio, Miami, and Golden State. They recursively adjust each team’s weighting until they balance out when accounting for each opponents weighting and the point differential of each game (large differences tapered to dampen effects of blowouts). Ideally will add points per possession margins which will be more accurate.

    In addition, efficiency-based algorithm rankings have been added. These are based on the per-possession rating metric from Basketball that again are recursively weighted by opponents to get more accurate ratings. These are similar (but perhaps more advanced in the weight) to Hollinger’s Rankings.

    In this case, both the Clippers and Blazers fare better.