Old Spice's bizarre 'Momsong' commercial (Video)

Over the weekend, there is a good chance that you witnessed one of the most bizarre commercials that we have seen in recent memory. I can personally remember running to the refrigerator for another ice cold adult beverage during a commercial break of the San Diego Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals AFC Wild Card match up, when I thought to myself, “what the hell is happening on my TV right now?”

It was a strange song coming from the speakers and it was even more shocking when I actually saw what was happening.

The commercial was from Old Spice’s new “Mom Song” campaign where moms around the world are apparently coming to the realization that their children are no longer innocent young boys.

To give Old Spice some credit, the ad was a big hit and immediately got the company some attention all over social media. To prove just how big of a hit the commercial was, it received over 2 million hits on YouTube as the video went viral.

If you have yet to see the commercial, you will want to do so now.

But be warned, what you are about to witness is something that cannot be unseen.

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