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Samsung unveils curved 105-inch UltraHD 4K resolution TV

When HD first came around, and the boom in home theater entertainment occurred, the joke was that technology would soon evolve so quickly and do so in such an out of control manner that we’d be eventually getting outrageously high concept devices that we really have zero need for.

That day has finally arrived as in the era of high definition, high resolution and bigger means better, Samsung has unveiled the most ridiculous television man-kind has probably ever seen. The company revealed it’s brand new curved 105-inch UltraHD 4K Resolution television that makes your television look like a kids toy.

No price has been released for the über-television but the projected price will likely be near or north of $65,000, which is what Samsung is charging for it’s current line of UHD 4K sets.

UltraHD (UHD) is the answer to all the question what’s higher than high definition? If you haven’t had the pleasure of soaking in the 4K resolution television yet, it’s literally better than real life and you eyes will never be the same again. This new curved model is innovative in that it turns any room it is in into a movie theater. You can watch regular television on it, but Samsung is going for the home theater crowd hard with this one, at least those willing to break the bank to get it.

They say that television is killing the cinema, and this is one giant death nail considering you can now just take the theater home with you next time you head out to Best Buy.


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