Crystal Reed as Allison Argent in Season 3 of "Teen Wolf." Photo Credit: MTV

‘Teen Wolf’ Winter Premiere: live stream, start time, TV info and more

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When last we saw Scott and his friends, they were preparing to use an ancient and extremely dangerous ritual to help them save the lives of the ones that they love. However, it may have done more harm than they could have imagined.

Whatever they did opened up a door in their minds. A door that if not closed can draw the darkness from beyond. The Kitsune are about to be released. The Kitsune are what is known as the trickster spirit. Their intentions can range anywhere from mischief to downright malevolence. However, from the looks of the preview, I somehow don’t think mischief is what is on their minds.

What can we expect from tonight’s all-new episode of Teen Wolf? Well it just so happens that we have your answer right here.

“The door has been opened. An evil has been unleashed.”

Date: Monday, January 6th
Start Time: 10:00 p.m. ET
Episode: “Anchors”
TV Info: MTV
Live Stream: You can watch the latest episodes free online at You can also watch episodes of Teen Wolf on Amazon Instant Video.

Before tonight’s all-new episode of Teen Wolf begins, here is a look at the all-new episode “Anchors,” the return of Teen Wolf.

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