Jeff Ireland, Dolphins part ways

Miami Dolphins fans can finally rejoice. After years of the fan base calling for general manager Jeff Ireland to be booted from his position with the team, Ireland and the Dolphins have officially agreed to go their separate ways.

The Dolphins announced the move on social media:

Over the past few days, we have hear rumblings that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross was ready to make some changes in the organization and that started with the firing of the team’s offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.

Miami has released a statement on their decision saying that they will conduct an immediate search for “new leadership.”

We have a feeling that the bottles will be popping in South Beach tonight.

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  • Bill Stowers

    BIG MISTAKE. I cant tell you how mad i am.if you look at the talent the dolphins had they should have won 10-12 games. Coaching brought the team down and it is absurd that ireland is taking the fall for this and Philbin isnt. Ireland put together a playoff caliber roster and kept the team loaded with cap space. And the coaching staff was to incompetent to do anything with it. Ireland was a big scapegoat for the fans. And in reality he is the reason why they even had a fighting chance. The next gm BETTER NOT gut this team and rebuild.

    • John G

      Yeah because he did such a good job with the O line and the secondary. Wow he is a wizard. Not to mention the good job he did at RB position too. This team does need some gutting and so far I think they are gutting the right people.

      • Jerr1233

        You mean the O-line that 2 years ago was built for Sparano’s power running game doesn’t have the right people for Philbin’s zone blocking. I think Miami is in a worst place now. Firing Ireland without firing Philbin was a huge mistake. I think they should have been tied at the hip. If one stayed, so should the other and vice versa. Now you have a situation with a Coach on the hot seat with no Offensive Coordinator (and yes Sherman needed to go). Unless Ross gives the new GM the power to evaluate Philbin and the power to keep or fire him, we might be hard pressed to get a new GM in…unless of course Ross is planning on promoting Dawn Aponte..

    • eric

      Agreed Bill. I’ve written numerous times about how well Ireland did. He was a target of the media and a scapegoat of the fans. A majority of the depth and talent we have is because of him.This just set the team back about three years…