Jan 2, 2014; New Orleans, LA, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron

Katherine Webb 'accidentally' favorited tweet about Jameis Winston needing to learn English

Last night the Florida State Seminoles won the BCS National Championship and as the Heisman trophy winning quarterback was the focal point of many interviews. During Winston’s speech, Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s mom sent out an interesting eye-brow raising tweet.

“Am I listening to English?” she tweeted.

Of course Mrs. McCarron wasn’t the only one to make a social media blunder. McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb favorite a tweet that said: “Jameis Winston needs to learn sign language to communicate because listening to him attempt to speak English is just insulting.”

McCarron’s mother tried to clarify shortly after and so is Ms. Webb.

And she defended herself to the Twitterverse:

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  • http://twistedmuser.com/ Twisted Muser

    hahahaha…well accidents will happen! (right)

  • Mary Waltman

    Why don’t people stop the hate on AJ McCarron and Bama…….all you Bama haters actually light up FB and Tweet with all your trash talk…..you voice your opinions, why can’t Bama fans?

  • thabe331

    She’s from alabama, it’s hard enough for her to understand they use the same drinking fountain!

  • hawaiiguy

    Its hard to hide the KKK when they have twitter. Stay classy Bama. You do realize you have Egyptian Americans on your team right?

  • hawaiiguy

    And the fact Webb follows racists is telling enough in itself. Favorited by accident or not both her friend and mother obviously use the word ebonics in their private time. And Winston is far from that vernacular.

  • fucface jr

    . I’m not buying it, you’d have to be pretty stupid to accidentally like a comment. Then again she is a beauty pageant contestant so they’ll cut her a break. Have you guys seen the pictures of Mcarron’s mom? She dresses like a prostitute. Somebody needs to break it to her that she’s too old to dress that way.

  • Alex Ciriello

    Guess that Ol southern plantation Gov Wallace attitude is still in your genes——–hard to stop the way you feel