Dec 30, 2013; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Detroit Pistons mascot Hooper waves a flag before the game against the Washington Wizards at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Detroit Pistons expected to make moves

The Detroit Pistons had high hopes this offseason after bringing in Josh Smith, but so far it’s been a struggle on Motown as the Pistons have amassed a 14-20 record and sit in the Eastern Conference’s final playoff spot.

With teams nipping at their heels, it’s going to be a stressful few weeks within the organization as they attempt to figure out if they should be buyers or sellers come the February trade deadline.

Detroit was understandably hoping they’d be able to move a few assets to improve their roster for playoff seeding, but if the team can’t turn it around in the next couple weeks, it’s possible the team will become sellers – this according to Alex Kennedy:

There is a lot of turmoil in Detroit, and the Pistons aren’t sure whether they should be buyers or sellers at the deadline, according to league sources.

With playoff aspirations, it would be a pretty difficult pill for management to swallow if they had to sell off trade chips just months into what they felt was a successful re-tooling.

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  • Chris Wyman

    hahahaha Josh Smith was NEVER a SF. They probably imagined Greg Monroe stretching the floor. Brandon Jennings was a good pickup though,

    • Rob Johnson

      Except if Monroe isn’t a PF either, then wasn’t it a good idea to pickup Smith, who they can now slide into the 4 spot and trade Monroe to fill another need?


        or they could keep the 2 big guys, and trade smith for a real SF

        • Jules Seluj

          Just for fun, let’s stick to realistic possibilities.


            that is a realistic possibility if there is a team that smith would fit better in.

          • Cory Nope

            Its downright stupid. Smith and Drummond working out of the post is your best ideal- with Monroe being traded for a Kyle Korver type to stretch the floor. The Pistons destroy teams when their 3pt shooting is on. Thing is- thats a rare thing. Need to flip your best movable asset (Monroe) for a perimeter shooting 2/3.


            what’s downright stupid is committing a large sum of money to a 29 year old who only relies on athleticism. that’s an unsustainable long-term vision. i’d rather keep the 23 year old who still has room to develop. monroe has been getting a lot of flack this season, but people forget it’s his first time playing pf. he should have some time to learn the position before getting criticized.

      • Cory Nope

        You just won the NBA intelligence award for 2014. People get downright vicious when you suggest that Monroe is an NBA center-not a power forward, he has hit his ceiling of development, and would net a decent return on the market.

    • Hans Larsen

      Brandon Jennings is an unmitigated disaster … he is shooting .369 … that is horrible if he was a pass first PG this might be acceptable but he is not … he bricks up 15 shots per night … he has good speed and could be good player if he would stop the shooting … pair that with josh smith and you got a bad situation …

  • cole

    Joe Dumars is looking stupid again, Trey Burke might win the ROY and this clown of a general Manager passed on him when the whole state of Michigan wanted him to get him, Draft night was a nightmare for us fans when our turn to pick came up and Burke was still on the Board and then we heard the name we have never heard before, Kantavious calwell pope, a bum from a bum conference, we don’t even go to the games to wear bags over our heads we are past that point we just don’t show up, I remember when the palace used to be sold out, he also passed on Lindsey hunter and Ben Wallace as assistant coaches to help teach his guards and bigs how to play Defense, you have the former Defensive player of the year on your roster and you let him go and hire Rasheed Wallace, and let Lindsey go and be a assistant in Chicago, passed on Laimbeer for Cheeks, for head couch, Laimbeer only won 3 WNBA rings, 2 Nba rings.

  • dafirestar

    Piston’s have enough talent to be as good as the number 3 team in the East this season. Mo Cheeks couldn’t get them playing winning basketball, he had them playing at a level that I wouldn’t have thought possible. They were playing so far below the capability of the talent, in addition I don’t think the Pistons even put a thought to defense. They have 2 Centers playing together quite often, that could be more intimidating of a presence on the defensive side but they have to have a coach that at least mentions the word defense.
    They have plenty of scorers, I could see them turning it around this season with an interim coach, Cheeks was a problem on this team for whatever reason they didn’t want to play for the guy.