Noteworthy Selections from the MLS SuperDraft 2010

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Part two of our look at the best picks from each of the past five drafts, this time focusing on the MLS SuperDraft 2010.

Some may argue that the draft doesn’t do a whole lot for the league because of the Homegrown Development systems that are being used. There is no doubt that some of the best players do come from the team academies, the 2010 Rookie of the Year was a D.C. United Homegrown player, forward Andy Najar.

What the draft does provide is an outlet for the less fortunate soccer players in America who don’t have the resources to be apart of the academies during their younger years. Although there are flaws in the youth development of the MLS, it doesn’t hurt that the draft can produce even more talent along side the academies that are already in place.

What you see each year isn’t always the best players, but you will find players who provide solid play and ultimately contribute to their team.

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