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MLB Hall of Fame class 2014: Craig Biggio misses by two votes

We knew it was going to be a close call for longtime Houston Astros second baseman on this year’s Hall of Fame ballot, but we didn’t know it was going to be this close.

From ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick:

From NBC’s Joe Posnanski:

At this point it seems worth mentioning that a number of voters, for reasons unknown, did not vote for ten players. Some voted for eight or so, drawing some imaginary line on a ballot that was stacked with worthy players. There are others yet who felt that Biggio should have to wait another year because of some notion that he only reached great numbers (3,000 hit club) because he was in the league so long.

Whatever it is, the results for Biggio in 2014 show just how finicky this voting process can be. Many writers champion the subjectivity of the process, urging the public to leave writers alone when they try to make statements with their ballots instead of just voting for the 10 most worthy players.

When a player really misses, then maybe he wasn’t worthy. Biggio clearly is worthy, and yet he will have to wait another year because two (or more) stubborn voters left him off their ballots.

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