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MLB Hall of Fame class 2014: Three players elected for first time since 1999

The exclusivity of the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame has been on display in the 21st century. With the announcement today that three players, Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and Frank Thomas, have been elected to Cooperstown, it marks the first time since 1999 that three players have been voted in the same year.

What should be emphasized at this point is the fact that the number of players is 2014 arguably should have been even higher. For one thing, Craig Biggio came painfully close with 74.8% of the vote. Beyond him, writers complained about how loaded their ballots were, forcing them to leave off worthy players and wait until next year or beyond.

One could also reasonably argue that Mike Piazza‘s election is overdue at this point, but he will join Biggio, Jeff Bagwell, and first-time guys such as Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez on another challenging ballot in 2015.

Would these results be different if BBWAA expanded the number of votes per writer beyond 10? Perhaps, and it might end some of the strategy involved with a guy like Biggio, who inevitably will get in but now has to wait because some writers deferred checking his box on the ballot until next year.

2014 broke a trend by having three players elected, but there figures to be a number of players inducted in 2015 in beyond.

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