NFL Draft movie 'Draft Day' gets R-rating reversed to PG-13 after appeal


The NFL Draft movie Draft Day, which stars Kevin Costner in the role of a fictional Cleveland Brown general manager, has won it’s appeal to reverse it’s MMPA rating from ‘R’ to the much more accessible ‘PG-13′, something that should help box office appeal. The appeal was filed by Lionsgate and director Ivan Reitman and was ruled upon today, a ruling that the studio and all  involved are more than pleased with.

Draft Day is the latest venture from Reitman and Costner as it follows the life of a Cleveland Browns general manager who acquires the top pick in the NFL Draft and must decide his franchises future. Should he trade the pick and play it safe by trading down or keep the pick and risk his future with a top prospect.

It’s really a metaphor for his life, as we learn Costner’s character must not only decide the future of the Cleveland Browns, but also discover what he finds most important in his life which has been shattered by his commitment to the NFL. Unlike the ‘R’ rated Silver Linings Playbook, which involved betting on Philadelphia Eagles games and therefore didn’t secure the rights to use NFL logos, Draft Day was made with the full cooperation of the NFL and not only features logos, game highlights and secure NFL locations, but it includes cameos from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and even shot footage for the film during last year’s NFL Draft.

The ‘PG-13′ rating means that the film will open up to a wider audience, something that will benefit all parties involved. The film looks intriguing to say the least with a supporting cast including Denis Leary as the Browns surly head coach and Jennifer Garner as well.

Draft Day will open with it’s new PG-13 rating this upcoming April.

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