Noteworthy Selections from the MLS SuperDraft 2011

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We roll on with our continuing tour as we review the most interesting picks from the MLS SuperDraft 2011.

What I’ll immediately point out is the drastic change that took place during this year. Two teams were added to the league, in the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Portland Timbers, who picked #1 and #2 respectively, and the entire fourth round was cut from the draft. The changes cause the number of selections to drop to 54 from the 64 selections of 2010.

I admit that I don’t know the league as well as I’d like, so this series of posts about the SuperDrafts have cost me lots of time to actually review and study these picks and what they’ve done. Soccer is more difficult to monitor in this way compared to other sports. For example, if this was a baseball blog, I could look up every kid’s stats, making it fairly easy to see who has done what, but in soccer, just because you don’t put up goals or assists doesn’t mean you aren’t important.

This draft class is the first one so far that hasn’t had adequate time to develop enough for anyone to be judging them. Although there are several names in this class that I know, I don’t think they’ve all truly shown their potential. If we give a few more years to these players, you’ll surely see some that have continued to rise higher than one I list here.

So, even though I only selected a few players from the 2011 class, expect players like Corey HertzogJeb Brovsky or Jalil Anibaba to shine in future seasons. They’re all still young and have plenty of time to show what they can do.

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