Sons of Anarchy season 7 to feature Wendy in major role, Drea de Matteo promoted to series regular

The final season of Sons of Anarchy is almost upon us and boy did last season set things up for an epic and tragic conclusion. After the brutal ending to season 6, which saw the death of a major character in the most aggressive of ways, the series has promoted what could be interpreted as a replacement.

Drea de Matteo, who play Jax Teller’s ex-wife Wendy and mother to one of his children, has been promoted to series regular on Sons of Anarchy.

This means that Wendy is expected to have a major role and be featured prominently in the final season of the show. We should expect this though, as she was pretty deep in Tara’s plan, and now that said plan has been literally stabbed in the back of the head, Wendy will have some explaining to do.

It’s not that Wendy was directly involved in -SPOILER ALERT - the death of Tara, but Jax is going to be scoring the earth to find answers and make sure people pay for the death of his wife. Wendy was starting to turn her life around too, so she could end up being a happy ending for the show.

Chances are she gets beat pretty are with the Shakespeare tragedy stick as bad things look tone in store for everyone close to Sons of Anarchy in season 7.

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