Coachella 2014 Lineup Announced: Outkast, Arcade Fire headline festival lineup


Coachella is more than just that one musical festival that the Tupac hologram showed up at, it’s a mecca for some music fans and remains one of the best and well known festivals of the year. Music fans flocks to Indio, California each year to take in perhaps the most eclectic mix of music at any festival at any point of the year, as Coachella kicks off the summer festival circuit the right way.

This year’s lineup, which was revealed late on Wednesday night, features the signature mix of eclectic music acts of both today and yesteryear as the headline acts alone represent all different spectrums of the music scene.


Coachella’s headline acts this year include Muse, ArcadeFire and an Outkast reunion, while other acts over the course of the festival include fresh faces such as ZZ Ward, Lorde, Kid Cudi, Zedd and more. The older, more vintage acts include anticipated performances by classic acts such as indie rocker Beck, rapper Nas, DJ Fatboy Slim and metal band Mötorhead.

That’s the reason people love Coachella, as it brings together acts that otherwise wouldn’t be featured together but all have a high element of talent. You may not listen to Lorde or Kid Cudi but you won’t be able to pass up a chance to listen to them play along with acts you are familiar with.

It’s a bridging of the digital gap in a way, as those taking in the 17-year old Lorde have a chance to be introduced to aged rockers like Mötorhead, and that’s the beauty of Coachella.

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