HBO renews 'Girls' for a fourth season to air in 2015

HBO has been very quiet recently about some of it’s biggest shows but now that the new year is here and the winter premieres of it’s biggest hits is upon us, the network is starting to speak up. After learning that Game of Thrones finally has an official premiere date and that Boardwalk Empire is going off the air, HBO has announced the future of it’s hit series Girls and the future is bright.

The network has announced that Girls has been renewed for a fourth season which will air in 2015.

Not many people will care about the fourth season of Girls until it either starts shooting or we near the premiere date, but before all of that we need to take in the third season of the show. Vastly underrated by a majority of television viewers during it’s first season, the second season of Girls saw the show spike in viewership and watched it’s cult following grow.

Emmy and Golden Globe attention helped change this and made series creator and star Lena Dunham into a household name for the hipster generation. The show’s tight writing and insanely down-to-earth yet crazy characters have also struck a chord with fans who can’t wait to soak up more of the show.

Season 3 of Girls premieres this Sunday on HBO, but fans can rest easy knowing that a fourth season will happen and thee show isn’t going anywhere on HBO through at least 2015.

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