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Notable Selections from the MLS SuperDraft 2012

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The MLS SuperDraft 2012 was considered to be of slightly lacking promise, but so far has produced some phenomenal phenoms. Does talk of potential and future glory excite you? Well, then step right up, because this draft class is going to blow you away.

Once again, the relatively young MLS made more changes to the SuperDraft. The Montreal Impact were adding to the drafting list, becoming the 19th team in the league. The number of rounds to draft players was once again cut short, as it went from three rounds and fifty-four draft picks, down to two rounds and thirty-eight picks. Previous trades between teams that included picks in the third round were given to teams though the Supplemental Draft, which always comes after the SuperDraft.

What you’ll find here are a bunch of players who aren’t even close to their highest level of play. Two years is not enough. How can the MLS be so full of fresh talent, just starting to shine, and yet most fans don’t know about them? One of the best factors in the growth of the NFL is that there is always new talent pushing itself into the league, year after year. The MLS is doing the same thing, but the problem comes when the media does not give them the spotlight they deserve.

Players from this draft are without a doubt on the rise — first-rounders especially. Unfortunately, I’m not willing to list all the players that I think can become American soccer stars. D.C.’s Luis Silva or Nick DeLeon, Portland’s Andrew Jean-Baptiste, Kansas City’s Dom Dwyer. So many good ones, worthy of at least a few minutes of your time or your watching eyes this coming season. Even RSL’s Sebastián Velásquez should get a look, not just because of his hair.. which is questionable to say the least.

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