Promotional Poster for the film "Hitman." Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

‘Agent 47’ Rupert Friend to Replace Paul Walker in Film

Agent 47 was set to be the next film that Fast & Furious actor Paul Walker worked on after filming Fast & Furious 7. Unfortunately, after losing his life on November 30th in the horrific car crash, this would never come to pass. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rupert Friend, who can currently be seen on the hit television series Homeland as Peter Quinn, has been tapped to replace Walker in the film.

Agent 47 is the follow up to the 2007 film Hitman which was based on the hit video game franchise of the same name. Agent 47 is the protagonist of the series who is usually pretty calm under pressure, and for someone who is contracted to kill people, kind of hates killing those who are deemed “non-targets.”

In the original Hitman movie, the role of Agent 47 was portrayed by Justified’s Timothy Olyphant. This is the role that Walker would have portrayed had the unfortunate events not played out the way they have.

The film is set to be directed by Aleksander Bach. The screenplay has been developed by Skip Woods, who wrote the screenplay for the original Hitman film, along with Kyle Ward, who developed the script for Machete Kills, and Mike Finch.

At this point, there are no further details about the movie. Those are being kept under tight wraps for the time being.

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