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Bobby Valentine says he was told to stop looking into possible PED use

When Bobby Valentine was the manager of the Texas Rangers, he had a hunch one of his players were using performance enhancing drugs. The player in question was Ruben Sierra, and Valentine was told to look the other way.

“My first thought or inkling was back in the mid ’80s, when Ruben Sierra came to spring training and he had gained 30 pounds over the winter and I didn’t think he was a big weight lifter,” Valentine said, in an interview Thursday with WFAN radio in New York. “So I tried to figure it out and investigate it. And then people told me it wasn’t some place I should be, so I never even looked again. And it was never brought up. To tell you the truth, I said, please, bring it up in my presence.”

Valentine didn’t give more information about it, and didn’t name the person who told him to stop looking into it. It could’ve been someone with the Rangers, or Major League Baseball or Sierra himself.

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