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Charles Barkley plays beer pong on HLN (Video)

Earlier this year we saw photographs of NBA legend Michael Jordan playing beer pong in Miami, now we have another former NBA player playing the game. This time it is Charles Barkley, which isn’t too unsurprising after all the clips of him drinking after the Iron Bowl in Alabama.

Of course this time he is doing it on television in studio on CNN’s HLN. That would make Barkley the second NBA player who has appeared on CNN and had some kind of interaction with alcohol.

Dennis Rodman’s publicist released a statement to the Associated Press apologizing for his behavior and to Kenneth Bae’s family and Chris Cuomo, while also admitting he had been drinking before the appearance.

The scary part about Barkley’s beer pong game, is that his shot is as bad as his golf swing. Hard to believe a former NBA player goes with this an underhanded toss, and reaches almost halfway down the table before releasing the ball.

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