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Former Florida State player says it is like Varsity Blues on steroids

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Florida is known to have some beautiful women, and the Florida State Seminoles student body isn’t any different. Former Florida State running back Lorenzo Booker says the weather and women played a big role in his decision to play there over schools like Notre Dame.

“When you’re blowing somebody out in the game, you tend to start looking in the stands,” Booker told TMZ. “When you see beautiful women in the stands, it makes you play harder. That’s just a fact. … I was looking at Notre Dame, ugly women and cold weather. Florida State? That’s like Varsity Blues on steroids.”

He didn’t say whether he was ever propositioned in a whip cream bikini like in the movie, though he talks about hanging out at a pool so there were definitely women in bikinis.

Here is Booker making the statements to TMZ:

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