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‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ New Featurette Takes a Closer Look at Chris Pine as Jack Ryan (Video)

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Yesterday, Paramount Pictures debuted a new featurette for their upcoming film Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. The new featurette gives you a look inside Chris Pine’s transformation into one of the most famous Tom Clancy characters of all time.

Jack Ryan is not your typical secret agent. In fact, there are times that one could assume that he would be happier in a desk job. However, there is something about his character that just won’t allow him to give up like that.

Shadow Recruit is very different from the other films in the Jack Ryan universe. The film is not based on any one of the Tom Clancy novels. Rather, it is an original work based on the character created by the author. The film is meant to serve as a tribute to the late author, who died last October due to an undisclosed illness.

Here is a look at the latest featurette from the film Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.


The film stars Star Trek’s Chris Pine as Jack Ryan, Keira Knightley as his wife Cathy, and Kevin Costner as William Harper. Shadow Recruit also stars Gemma Chan, Colm Feore, and more.

Kenneth Branagh not only stars in the film as Viktor Chervin, but directs as well.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is scheduled to be released on January 17, 2014.

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