Shia LaBeouf announces he’s retiring due to plagiarism backlash


There was a time when actor Shia LaBeouf was a fast rising star in the world of Hollywood, landing roles in movies with Will Smith, Harrison Ford and even Michael Bay. He was hitting with the big names in movies but all of that has come crashing down in the most bizarre series of events that has now resulted in the actor announcing he’s retiring.

Following the plagiarism accusations and the backlash that stemmed from it, LaBeouf has decided that it’s time for him to retire and he tweeted such a message out to his Twitter followers on Friday.

This may end up being some weird Andy Kauffman, Joaquin Phoenix stunt from LaBeouf, but it’s yet to be seen. There is clearly something going on with the actor, whether it be something in his personal life or whatever, that has him acting out like this. He’s always been an aggressive person like this, dating back to the days where he lashed out against Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull to showing up stumbling drunk at a Walgreen and now this plagiarism scandal.

LaBeouf has a few movies lined up in the near future, from Lars Von Trier’s erotic thriller Nyphomaniac to the Brad Pitt WWII movie Fury but his involvement in both is unknown. Fury is still in production which means if LaBeouf has indeed retired form acting, even more people are going to wind up placing him on their not so nice side.

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