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Star Wars Episode VII eyeing Breaking Bad star Jesse Plemons for lead role

There hasn’t been much news on the Star Wars Episode VII front lately and that usually manes that big news is about to break. That may have just happened as Breaking Bad star Jesse Plemons, who played the evil Todd, is apparently going in for a second audition for J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars production.

According to a scoop from The Wrap, Plemons is being eyed for what could be the role of Luke Skywalker’s son in the new movie.

Plemons is scheduled to meet with director J.J. Abrams next week to discuss the highly anticipated sequel, which is expected to bring back original stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford. Plemons has already taped an audition that was well-received by those involved in the casting process, and he’ll by flying in to Los Angeles from Austin, Texas for a second audition that will bring him face-to-face with Abrams.

If he were to take on the lead role in Star Wars, it would mark the third time that J.J. Abrams has cast a Friday Night Lights alum in one of his most recent movies. More importantly, it would mean that the first major non-original trilogy star would have been cast for the new film.

Star Wars Episode VII hits theaters on December 18, 2015.

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