Luis Suarez, via Liverpool's Facebook page

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is working hard on his behavior

Liverpool striker Luis Suarez received a 10-game ban for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic at the end of last season. Since returning early this season, he has set the league on fire scoring. Suarez said he is still working on his behavior though.

“My temperament, my attitude, my desire and hunger when I’m on the pitch has always been like this and will continue to be this way. I know now that I have to control it a bit more,” Suarez said, via ESPN FC.

“An example came about two weeks ago I had an open shot at goal that hit the post.  It rebounded close to my hand, and I was about to go for it but then stopped.  If the same thing happened two months ago I would have gone for it.

“These things stay with me but I’m changing, I’m improving my attitude on the pitch because I know I was wrong in the past.  I was creating an image of myself that I know wasn’t me.”

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