Luis Suarez, via Liverpool's Facebook page

Luis Suarez voices his commitment to Liverpool

Luis Suarez signed a new long-term contract with Liverpool in December after a tremendous start to his season. Suarez had reportedly been looking to leave the club over the summer, but with his future locked in Suarez voiced his commitment to the club.

“I want to play football and I want to help Liverpool win as long as possible,” Suarez said, via ESPN FC. “I’m happy to be in the Premier League which is the best league in the world.  This is what matters to me.

“As for the financial aspects, you always want to be comfortable for the future because the career of a footballer is short.  I wish it wasn’t so short, but after having lived through some difficult times growing up I’m in a very comfortable situation today thanks to the good work and effort I’ve shown over the last few seasons.

“Today all I am thinking about is Liverpool.  I don’t want to create any controversy or anything.  I am more than happy with my life here and my wife and children are very happy as well.  We are very content with our life.

“I am with a spectacular club that I’ve always wanted to play for.  The team is playing well, I feel comfortable on the pitch, I feel comfortable despite what happens in other stadiums.  I love playing here in England and that is the only thing I think about.”

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