Mad Men Final Season: Official premiere date revealed


AMC has owned the dramatic television scene, second only to HBO but the race is close. For all the amazing shows that HBO has put out, AMC has revolutionized cable television thanks to hit series like The Walking DeadBreaking Bad and Mad Men. Currently, all three of those shows are off the air, but two are doing back and now both have official premiere dates.

We already knew that The Walking Dead was coming back in February, but the fate of Mad Men was up in the air. Earlier this year we learned that the series was going to be ending after this season, but AMC has split the final season of the show into two parts airing over two years.

Variety reports that the first half of the final season will kick off on April 6, 2014.

The first half of the final season will be titled ‘The Beginning’ with the last seven episode airing in 2015 dubbed ‘The End of an Era’. The split final season strategy worked amazingly well for AMC’s Breaking Bad and the hope is that not only can the split final season extend the length of time the show is on the air, but it can also ensure that the end of the series is exactly how the creative minds behind the show want it to be.

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