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Tottenham boss backs Jermain Defoe for World Cup squad

Tottenham Hotspur forward Jermain Defoe is making the move to Torono FC of Major League Soccer, but is current head coach thinks he should still be in consideration for England’s World Cup squad.

“Wherever Jermain plays, anywhere in the world, he will score goals,” Tottenham boss Tim Sherwood told Sky Sports. “That’s why I would say he’s an automatic choice to be on that plane for Brazil.

“You always need goalscorers. I think in this country, we’ve got good young talents but I’m not sure we’ve got many better goalscorers than Jermain Defoe.”

Defoe came off the bench in Tottenham’s Saturday match against Crystal Palace and scored a goal, the team’s second. They won the game 2-0.

“It was a good finish – typical Jermain,” Sherwood said. “That’s what he does. It was a bit of a scruffy finish but he’s pounced on it and stuck it away in the corner.”

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