Breaking Bad on Netflix: Final Episodes available Feb. 24


If you were a fan of the hit series Breaking Bad and were wondering when the final eight episodes would be available on a legal online streaming service for your viewing pleasure, well wait no more. Netflix is set to add the final eight episodes of the series to their library much sooner than imagined.

So when can you watch some of the most well received episodes in television history?

The eight final episodes of Breaking Bad will be available on Netflix on Feb. 24.

While you most likely already watched how the series came to an end, the wild twists and turns and all of the action that came from the final episodes is something that is worth re-living. Breaking Bad was already a great show, but the final eight episodes turned it from just another enjoyable show to one of the greatest television series of all time.

If you haven’t see Breaking Bad, we would suggest you hit Netflix now and begin catching up, because by the time Feb. 24 rolls around you will want to know what happens next.

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